Coventry University's Mahara is a fully featured e-portfolio system with social networking features to create online learning communities.

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Important information for new Mahara users.

A new version of Mahara is now available. It runs on bigger and faster servers and is integrated with the latest version of Moodle, Moodle 2.

Which version should I use?

  • If you have been set e-portfolio assignments from the Moodle Hub you should continue to use this version of Mahara.
  • If you are using Mahara for your own personal development then it is recommended that you use the latest version.

How do I login to the new Mahara?

Login to Moodle 2 and click on the e-Portfolio link at the top of the page.

Create and collect

Develop your portfolio

Update your profile
Upload your files
Create your résumé
Publish a journal


Showcase your portfolio

Organise your portfolio into pages. Create different pages for different audiences - you choose the elements to include.

Share and network

Find friends and join groups

Find friends
Join groups
Control your privacy
Discuss topics